Commercial Stone Polishing

Commercial Stone Polishing

Total Commercial Stone Polishing restores and maintains more commercial building stone and tile floors every month than anyone else in the country.  With 25 years experience,  we deliver world class results with local Total Stone trained and certified stone craftsman.

Total Stone Commercial Stone Polishing will provide you a rapid stone, tile and grout restoration evaluation, review your options and estimates so you can make an informed decision as to how to reclaim and maintain your marble, granite or tile surfaces elegance, and your first impressions. Total Stone can perform granite and marble care, grout cleaning, marble cleaning and polishing with a non abrasive product, as well as marble, granite and terrazzo restoration and stain removal to keep your natural stone floor looking newly installed.

Whatever has you concerned, Total Stone can restore it. Marble, Granite, Travertine, Salturnia, Terrazzo, Ceramic, Porcelain whatever your floor, counter, vanity or shower is made of, we have a set of tools, solutions and techniques to apply. We’ll make it look great – then we’ll walk you through how to maintain it. Marble Floor polishing, granite polishing, marble repairs, granite repairs, terrazzo repairs and grout cleaning and restoration are but a few of the services and techniques we offer.

Natural stone sealing

Several factors should be considered when deciding whether to seal your stone surface and we can assist you in determining if sealing is appropriate for your marble, granite, limestone, bluestone or travertine features.

The durability of the stone, likelihood of stains and the type of stone finish applied to the surface will all influence the choice to seal natural stone. We will also consider if the sealant will impact the colour or look of the stone, the location of the material (eg. bench tops, floor, foyer or bathroom) and what type of maintenance program the surface is likely to receive. High level of care is exercised by Total Stone Commercial Stone Polishing when recommending stone sealants to our clients.

If sealing is right for your project, natural stones such as marble and granite are protected from everyday dirt, grit and spills facilitating its maintenance. We will assist you in choosing the correct stone sealants whether that is a topical stone sealant which provides a film coating on top of the stone material or a more ‘breathable’ impregnating sealer which penetrates below the surface.