Residential Stone Polishing

Residential Stone Polishing

There are a lot of different kinds of quality of Marble and Stone, and in their own way, they are all beautiful and all have the great ability, with just some tender loving care, and the opportunity to be placed in the right hands of a Residential Stone Polishing expert such as Stone Polishing Solutions, to come back to life, removing that dull and tired look that time and wear has brought upon it.

Specialising in many services such as: Grinding, Polishing, Clean & Seal, Repairing, Maintenance, Epoxy Grout for a Seamless Finish, Full Restoration for Floors, Vanities, Kitchen Benches, Stairs, Pool & Outdoor Areas and much more.

Cleaning stone

Once we understand the condition of the stone, we are able to clean the natural stone surface. This may involve applying a poultice (a stain removing paste) to re-absorb stains that have penetrated the stone or it may require us to grind back the stone through a wet or dry process in order to re-establish the evenness of the stone surface.

Natural stone sealing

Several factors should be considered when deciding whether to seal your stone surface and we can assist you in determining if sealing is appropriate for your marble, granite, limestone, bluestone or travertine features.

The durability of the stone, likelihood of stains and the type of stone finish applied to the surface will all influence the choice to seal natural stone. We will also consider if the sealant will impact the colour or look of the stone, the location of the material (eg. bench tops, floor, foyer or bathroom) and what type of maintenance program the surface is likely to receive. High level of care is exercised by Refined Floorcare when recommending stone sealants to our clients.

If sealing is right for your project, natural stones such as marble and granite are protected from everyday dirt, grit and spills facilitating its maintenance. We will assist you in choosing the correct stone sealants whether that is a topical stone sealant which provides a film coating on top of the stone material or a more ‘breathable’ impregnating sealer which penetrates below the surface.