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Slips and falls around the home and business cause serious injury every year. If you have a business or commercial premises, you have an added duty of care to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers. It’s very important to protect yourself with anti slip tile treatments, your visitors and your business by investing in an effective non-slip tile treatment.

Our affordable anti-slip treatment is cost effective and quick to apply. It can be applied to many tiled surfaces including glazed porcelains, ceramic tiles, polished granite, glass tiles, terracotta, terrazzo, concrete and many other hard flooring surfaces. It can be used anywhere and is particularly effective for entrance ways, wet areas, bathrooms, outdoor tiled areas, pathways, ramps and stairways.

The anti-slip tile coatings we use are not coverings and will not peel off over time. They work by causing a chemical reaction on the tile surface that creates friction when the tile gets wet. The application process is quick and easy, giving you safer tiled floors and peace of mind within hours. The benefits of non-slip treatments include:

· Eliminate accidents and injuries
· Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
· Quick drying and effective immediately
· Affordable and safe
· Restores and rejuvenates tiled surfaces

Don’t leave your family or business vulnerable to accidents, injury or worse.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation for anti slip tile treatments on 0416 875 544 or just email us through our contact page.


At Total Stone & Concrete polishing, we pride ourselves on exceptional natural stone and concrete polishing services that meet and exceed customer expectations. We are committed to delivering high quality concrete flooring and stone polishing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

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